21 Mikey’s Worst Video Tutorials of 2020

Crochet Worst Tutorials 2020
Crochet Worst Tutorials 2020
Crochet Worst Tutorials 2020

Each year, I film upwards of 250 tutorials, that’s not including the left-handed versions. Sometimes it’s an educated guess of what I think the crocheters will love and other times, it’s taking a chance.

With filming so many free tutorials, not everything flies out of the gate and tanks immediately. I can tell within 2 hours of a video launching if I have made a sound decision or a mistake. If it’s a mistake, I don’t linger long and look for another project to film.

The influence of videos happens based on The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social, video tutorial requests we get through this website and just watching trends. It’s rare for Yarnspirations to request a tutorial, with exception to the Stitch Alongs.

Here is my List in Picture Format

If it compels you to know more, you can click the picture and you will get the pattern and tutorial that matches it! You can give it lemons! 🙂

I’ll tell you what compelled me for each. Just for kicks! Fetch is never going to happen! 🙂 You can leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog if you feel you want to add why a tutorial tanked or it lacked your interest. 

Crochet Parade Pennants
Crochet Parade Pennants. Many of us were stuck at home. The USA Memorial Day had just happened. People were doing drivebys with flags and on the side of the roads. 
Crochet Graduation Gift Jar
Crochet Graduation Gift Jar. With COVID-19, many graduates didn’t have the celebrations they wanted. I thought crocheting this up would be a great giftable for those who couldn’t be there in person. 
Crochet Ridgeway Hat
Crochet Ridgeway Hat. Texture and ridges are currently trending. I wanted to build up our hat category. I launched this is in April. It was too late for the year. So it’s buried in our hat collection of tutorials. 
Crochet Mongolian Lamb Pillow
Crochet Mongolian Lamb Pillow. Home decor is very subjective to personal taste. I thought this pillow would serve as an opportunity to learn a new stitch. It didn’t catch the curiosity as I had expected. 
Crochet Argyle Pillow
Crochet Argyle Pillow. Created like a plaid blanket. This captured my curiosity of technique and skill. Apparently, it didn’t catch the curiosity of others. Also, it’s home decor which is subjective to personal taste. 
Crochet Mum and Me Shawl
Crochet Mum and Me Shawl. This one surprised me in the lack of interest. The stitchwork is pretty. It was launched in May for the height of the nice weather but I think this year with people being encouraged to stay home, I think it played a factor here. 
Crochet Pig Stuffie
Crochet Pig Stuffie. This pig didn’t fly! Period! Adorable, at least to me, Porky didn’t hit others’ taste buds! Too bad piggy! Maybe next time. 
Crochet Double Sole Slippers
Crochet Double Sole Slippers. Intentionally filmed for beginners. I think for those experienced with crochet probably didn’t need a tutorial. This didn’t march into the good records for 2020. 
Crochet Marled Basket
Crochet Marled Basket. I wanted this basket for my guest room.  You can see the quilt on our guest bed in the photo. I filmed this because I really wanted the basket for myself. Baskets aren’t well viewed with us so I half expected this to tank out of the gate, which it did. It’s also simplistic that experienced crocheters probably didn’t need a tutorial.
Crochet Sun Blossom Doily Example 2
Crochet Sun Blossom Doily. I get bored with the same old thing in a tutorial format. So I wanted to try this one just for myself. However, I filmed it because I thought it would be a great learning opportunity. I’m not much of a doily person for decor but I was captivated by the circles. 
Crochet American Pride Blanket
Crochet American Pride Blanket. It’s a concept that really didn’t take off. I would like to see another sample made of this with homey colours, it could make all the difference. 
Crochet Ridge Texture Cowl Hat
Ridge Texture Hat and Cowl. It was a project we focused on during the last crochet cruise. It didn’t materialize to the interest I thought it would. It’s an easy to follow concept but you really have to be interested in texture and the overall style. 
Crochet Adult Buffalo Plaid Hat
Crochet Buffalo Plaid Hat. Maybe it’s too much work for crocheters. I really thought this was a nice idea. It just didn’t happen this year. So I am unsure if it’s the style or lack of interest in Buffalo Plaid. 
Crochet First Beret
Crochet First Beret. Yarnspirations told me that Berets are out of style. *clears throat*, they were right. This is probably the worst video choices of the year of doing the berets! 
Crochet Red Heart Beret
Crochet Red Heart Beret. Same as above.
Crochet Daisy Chain and Clusters Baby Blanket
Crochet Daisy Chain and Clusters Baby Blanket. This is the project that disappointed me the most for lack of interest. I was so compelled by this, I made the entire baby blanket when I could have just done a swatch sample. The photography here doesn’t do this justice, to my point of view. I loved making the entire blanket, others didn’t care for the look I suppose. 
Crochet Bouquet Baskets
Crochet Bouquet Baskets. I don’t do many kitchen based tutorials. I thought, what the hell, just try this one. I think this is really subjective to personal taste and decor. 
Crochet Misty Vines Cable Baby Blanket
Crochet Misty Vines Cable Baby Blanket. I really thought this would do better. The texture and cabling look really appealed to me. I really don’t know why it didn’t fly. 
Crochet Football Lovers Throw
Crochet Football Lovers Throw. Probably the worst received blanket of 2020 was this one. I’m not a football lover, in fact, I don’t even understand the game. I think the lack of sports this year plays a factor or the design just didn’t hit the mark. 
Crochet School Spirit Throw
Crochet School Spirit Throw. Filmed for beginners. Lack of schooling, in person, this year could be an issue. I thought this would be a great starter and a practical project. 
Crochet Beginner Well Schooled Throw
Crochet Beginner Well Schooled Throw. Personally, I don’t like the expression of Well-Schooled or someone being “Schooled” as it has a negative reaction to me. Filmed for beginners, others may have thought the same but it could be the colours or just overall lack of interest.

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  1. Nancy

    I made 2 of the Football blankets for my daughter and her husband. each in their own colors. Hardest part trying to fine the silver for the Raiders. Bears was easy.

  2. Sheena

    For this one, Crochet Misty Vines Cable Baby Blanket, I think it may have been the material. Looks like the velvet yarn and I always see horror stories from people in the facebook group Canadian Crocheters, it likes to worm when washed if you use too large a hook. This leads to a lot of either thrown out projects or frogged blankets which is sad all around 🙁

    Otherwise I think some of those pattern ideas should be winners! I wouldn’t mind the mommy and me shawls for my daughter and I! Or maybe my mom and I for mothers day since I don’t think my toddler would keep it on long!! Hahaha!

  3. Lauren

    These are all so cute! I love the plaid pillow, but it might be that it looks too difficult for a lot of crocheters. I know it would intimidate me. Maybe someday! But I love almost all of these!

  4. Celestine Dunlop

    I don’t recall seeing any of these tutorials. 🤔 I down loaded seven of them👍 Take care Mikey🧡 P.S. their not stinky🧡

  5. Michele

    I love most of these, but being an essential worker (I make products to keep the Internet going) I just didn’t have the time. I am still working on my Queen sized Spring Mosaic! I made the Better Together afghan, too. I wish I had seen the Daisy Baby Blanket though. I would have made it instead of another. Maybe I’ll make it to give to the new mom for Christmas!
    I love all your tutorial videos. Maybe the winter ones will take off now that it’s Fall.

  6. Rani

    I watched the school spirit video and made one of them. I love it!

  7. Mary Monk

    I loved the crochet ridge hat and have made a lot of them in cotton yarn for warmer weather. It is a great pattern. I also loved the baby blanket, but it was harder to do, so I haven’t finished it. You just pick what you want, Mikey. You do a great job. And a
    I deeply appreciate all the left-handed videos. I have been going through them all week. GOD bless your hands and heart and all your team!

  8. CleoKittyCrafts

    All of these are amazing and creative, I think these only bombed due to quarantine.

  9. Shelly Bender

    I loved the school spirit throw!

  10. April Wicker

    The Daisy Chain and Clusters baby blanket – the photo totally hides the pattern, and I think the colors did not have enough contrast. Also, new moms don’t seem to be interested in baby pink or baby blue anymore. I just did a quilt with grey, white, black and yellow. That said, I am going to check out the pattern, now that I know what it is!

  11. Virgie S

    Oh my goodness. I missed most of these and I love a lot of them. That cable baby blanket totally just caught my eye and I will be looking into that one as I have a grandchild on the way! Thanks for all you do Miley. You’ve really encouraged and enhanced my love of crochet!

  12. Donna Roach

    Some of these items are so lovely and I am surprised that they weren’t popular. I made the Sun Blossom Doily and it turned out so gorgeous! It’s in the same room as my Mandala Afghan in complimentary colours. I am making another one for a gift. The pig is hilarious. The other patterns are certainly worthy of consideration when looking for a project to make.

  13. Marty

    I love both those pillows but only started crochet three weeks ago. I’ll make the Mongolian lamb one someday.

  14. Sharon

    I am rather surprised. I think most is just a lack of time for folks with so many projects and I think covid has a big impact. I love these. I know for myself working 55-65 hours a week doesn’t give me much time.

  15. Lori

    It’s fun to see which videos tanked and it seems your reasoning on each was spot on. The only thing I can add is the yarn for the Misty Vine Cable baby blanket. I won’t work with velvet because of worming and especially for a baby blanket that will need frequent washing. I love your style Mikey! As always, thank you!

  16. Denise Hardin

    I think a lot of these was due to the timing. School (even college) was cancelled and not sure of a start date in the fall of this year. The lovely gray cable blanket could have been because it was listed as baby blanket but in grey. Also I noticed some of the patterns for winter wear came out in April and May. We in the United States are well out of cold weather by then.

  17. Leslie Bird

    We attended the yarn reveal in Columbus and the first thing I said to my mom was I’m making the football blanket for dad. Maybe it will pick up steam now that we’re back to playing sports. I thought it was an excellent idea as a gift for men. I am going to try the ridge textured hat and cowl for myself. I have some “pretty” yarn (pretty and pretty expensive) that I’ve been waiting for a pattern to speak to me. I think this is it. Thanks again Mikey for all you and your team do.

  18. Anne Beaufay

    Hi Mickey,
    I love all lot of those but just couldn’t do it this year. You know with covid a lot of people loss their job so money wasn’t around. You are lucky to surround with yarn…not everyone’case. Don’t be disappointed! We will come around and start doing what we love the most…crochet! We need you I hope you know that! Take care

  19. Stacy White

    I think maybe people didn’t see a lot of the patterns. I know I didn’t see half of them you’ve posted, and I’m sad about that because I’m always looking for baby blankets so I will definitely be looking into this one. Colors and yarn types/textures can also make a difference in what flips people’s switch from ‘eh’ to ‘yay!’. Always appreciate all you do for us!

  20. Beth

    Thank you for everything Mikey. I find your way of explaining things easy to understand. I have followed the Better Together Afghan, and now the Dusty Snowflake Afghan. I’m not very fast and transpose instructions so your videos help a lot.

  21. Ann Feist

    I am currently working on the Misty Vines design. I loved the pattern, but didn’t need a baby blanket, so it is becoming a pocket shawl. Not sure if I accessed the tutorial or just the chart. Just the chart, I think. I’m sorry, I’ll go and open the tutorial and mark it.

    As a side note, I know many are really crocheting up a storm with the pandemic seclusion. I’ve done a lot less due to the need for masks in our area. I sew also and joined a nonprofit dedicated to making masks. I’m sure many in our community have done the same. Look forward to when these aren’t so necessary again.

    Thank you for ALL the tutorials. They have made such a difference for all of us in our crochet journey.

  22. Patricia

    I love the beret, it’s gorgeous. I’ve been doing a mandala madness blanket this year but it’s definitely going on my to do list.

  23. Cheryl Estok

    Hi Mikey,
    Love your tutorials. But here in Florida, we don’t need as many hats and beanies as other places. Love the cabled baby blanket but not the velvet yarn so much. And you may be right about the blankets for college students. Not special if you are staying at home due to Covid-19. Don’t stop what you are doing, though. You never know when someone is looking for a quick present or special baby blanket!

  24. Oh bummer they tanked, I guess some of them aren’t for all of us, I really think the basket is pretty though and the school spirit throw is great 👌

  25. Just downloaded the Argyle Plaid Pillow, I love it! The rest are beautiful too! Crochet is a persnickety world! Keep that hook flying!

  26. Anne

    Sad so many failed when they looked perfectly nice. The adorable baby model took the picture for sure, the blanket however was done in colors that simply do not “pop” in the picture. The blanket was very bland looking as the subtle pink & white blended together so much you have to look twice to even notice it was done in two colors. That blanket deserves another chance worked up in more contrasting colors.

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