Guest Bloggers Needed

Crochet Crowd Challenge Overview
Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I’m looking for guest bloggers for The Crochet Crowd Blog. I’m looking for positive and real people with ideas, tips and knowledge to share to The Crochet Crowd.

For those who blog or are thinking of blogging, being a guest blogger has it’s advantages:

  1. Blogs are written from your perspective that may be helpful for others.
  2. It’s a way to get your name known and help to establish your own following.

The payment for guest blogging is done through cross promotion. At the end of your article, you can provide more information such as your blog, website or Facebook page for our audience to find more of your work.

The goal of The Crochet Crowd blog is to share information. I’m not looking for bloggers with the primary objective to sell things or use our community as a potential selling ground. The articles should be helpful and informational.

With each article that is written, I will go through the article and apply my magic to it to align it with our scheduling and over all feel. Blogging is a skill, I will work directly with the blogger to help give tips and ideas to make great reading material. The art of blogging is a skill that must be developed. I can teach things that are beneficial to the guest blogger’s blogs and social reach.

The guest blogger should commit to a schedule of 1 day per week. In reviewing topics, blogs may be used in The Crochet Crowd Newsletter and other marketing opportunities.

If you are interested in this role, please send me a message to

  • Subject Title: Guest Blogger Application
  • Please share with me examples of you writing in the form of a URL of your existing blog.
  • I will review your examples and potentially reach out to you to get an understanding of your goal and to see how I can help.

So did you like this article? Were we Bang on or Out to Lunch? We welcome constructive feedback to better our crochet website.