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Crochet Lattice Dense Dishcloth

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The Crochet Lattice Dense Dishcloth has made me a believer in crochet dishcloths. Texture and tightness, oh my! You know how when you get a dishcloth wet and it can

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70 Spring Cleaning Ideas

70 Spring Cleaning Patterns

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Spring has sprung and generally speaking, spring clean-up is here. We have 70 Spring Cleaning Pattern ideas to share. Most of the patterns are knit and crochet dishcloths with a

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Crochet Blue Wavy Afghan

Crochet Wavy Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Caron Big Cakes Wavy Afghan Pattern The Caron Cakes Wave Afghan was originally designed for Michaels Stores but was retired from their website. Designed by Yarnspirations. We have two

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Crochet Textured Table Runner

Crochet Textured Table Runner

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The Crochet Textured Table Runner is using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn. Textured with latticework to mimic macrame. This is a 4-row pattern repeat that happens and is easy to follow.

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Crochet Rose Bouquet

Crochet Rose Bouquet Pattern

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The Crochet Rose Bouquet is made up from Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn. There are two types of flower constructions in this one pattern. First, there is the open flower which

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Crochet Easter Wreath

Crochet Easter Egg Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Easter Egg Wreath Crochet a simplistic Crochet Easter Wreath. A lacy look overlay is glued to the frame of the wreath. This pattern will fit a 14″ wreath. Then

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Crochet Spring Wreath

Red Heart Crochet April Flowers Wreath

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The Crochet Red Heart April Flowers Wreath is cheerful and easy to crochet. You will yarn wrap the styrofoam ring and strategize the colouring for it. You see in certain

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Yarn Balls Wreath

Yarn Ball Wreath Pattern

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Yarn Ball Wreath Make your own Yarn Ball Wreath with easy. You can make one of these really simply by grabbing some Styrofoam balls and wrapping them with yarn. You

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Crochet Uncle Sam Hat

33 Crochet Patterns Celebrating America

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33 Free Crochet Projects Celebrating America Independence Day’s almost here, and it’s time to celebrate your pride in The United States of America. These projects show off your skills, as

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Crochet Apple Wreath

Crochet Fall Apple Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Fall Apple Wreath The Crochet Fall Apple Wreath pattern is so cool. I just adore this wreath. I have sentimental feelings when it comes to apples. I used to

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